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The most important... We welcome you, dear Blonder Pub visitors. 

Whoever you are, whatever you do, one of the most important factors in daily life is food!

So let us also take care of your healthy meal. Not always the most important thing as far as looks extraordinary dish, the main thing that our guests get what they want.

No interior and a beautiful service is the status of the restaurant, and a loving heart chef, creative as an artist on canvas their masterpieces.

High quality and magnificent taste of beer in Blonder Pub have been achieved by strict observance of old formulation and technology. Traditional way of brewing does not allow any automation, the work is only manual, and only Brewer himself makes such responsible decisions basing on his flair and great experience. 

The main peculiarity in brewing of our beer is excellent Czech Plzen malt and Zhatets hop growing in Bohemia in the most ecologically pure regions. Hop for beer is being cultivated there for many centuries and is a pride of Czech. 

Blonder Pub
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